Dal lato giusto 2018

wood, resin, laser
130m x 2m
dal lato giusto1
legno, resina, laser, ferro
lato giusto4
massi cupola

it is an interactive sculpture, which is completed only when the spectator runs through it. The sculpture represents different shapes of domes that refer to famous churches such as Santa Maria del fiore in Florence or the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, alongside the domes iron and wooden stairs have been built that invite the viewer to walk them to get to the top in the center of the dome to become its spire. The sculpture has been positioned in several stages.

In Cosenza on the occasion of the artistic residence “Bocs”, its meaning was linked to placing the artist at the center of social renewal. On this occasion, the dome was completed with lasers that activated when the artist replaced the spire, reproducing infinite perspective lines.

In Naples, it was placed at the center of an ancient Bourbon nursery “Vivaio Calvanese” where visitors were asked to take off their shoes to climb the scaffolding, , to get to rest their feet on a lawn and stay in that position to observe the majesty of nature.