The Bridge 2012

The Bridge 2012

The Bridge 2012

Progetto per una struttura urbana interattiva
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The work “the Bridge” is a video performance sculpture with the purpose of conceiving a non-place created for a


Two complementary cultures on one real / virtual path, , will contrast thanks to the means of technology, in a place far from their experience.

”The Bridge” is a concrete bridge that joins two nations, two cities or simply two quarters of the same city.

Through two staircases, two projectors, a telephone line that activates a programme similar to Skype, at a determined time of day, when the sun starts to go down, the passers-by walking through the streets of their own city are catapulted into another reality.

The bridge can be done three ways, according to the costs and the urban availability of the city hosting the artistic project. It is important to say that even if the sculptural structure changes the “the bridge” concept remains unvaried.

The first way is:

The installation “the bridge” is composed of two staircases, installed in two places chosen to create the sharing / meeting.

Giving as example Naples / Barcellona … the first staircase could be installed on a facade of a working – class building in Naples, and the second on a building situated in the main street of Barcellona, both stairs are linked to the buildings thanks to a transparent walkway, that wants to underline the metaphoric and concrete jump into the future void.

On the staircase positioned in Naples, the large scale image from the place where the Barcellona staircase is positioned will appear in real time at the height of the transparent walkway and vice-versa in Barcellona the place where the staircase is situated in Naples will appear in real time.

The very presence of two staircases doesn’t leave room for misunderstanding, the passers-by are invited the go up them, but the route that their eyes will see will be the opposite one, and it is precisely at the end of this strange route that they will meet “the other”.

Always giving as an example Naples/Barcellona, let’s imagine seeing the Naples user go up his own staircase, and precisely in the same moment in Barcellona a Spaniard goes up the second, the two once at the end of the transparent walkway meet each other in the projection that  prospectively joined the two cities.

What happens in this meeting will be dictated by chance, you could see a simple introduction, looking at each other in the eyes, it could happen that the two parts get offended or in the worst case scenario leave each other indifferent. Certainly both cultures will be protected by a real distance, but what they feel going up the staircase will be real feeling, given by a casual intimacy that will be hard to forget.


The second way :      

The second way to do the bridge is to create a mountable tubular modular structure, covered in plexiglass, wood or treated board panels.

The structure is resistant and allows people to sit on the borders to speak easily with the connected people.

The video projectors connected to wi-fi are inserted into the structure and project through small holes on the circular surfaces of the sculpture, the projection space can be made with material to facilitate the projections.

The third way:  

sfera 2

The third way to connect people with “the bridge” is composed of small sculptures with inserted spheres on lamp posts or the street or on simple benches.

The little spheres have grasps that facilitate the insertion in different places in the city. They use lithium batteries  that can be recharged through small solar panels.

The spheres are real telephones that are permanently connected to the two city where the connecting bridge will be created…whoever sits, for example, on the bench where the sphere is inserted…getting closer will hear the voices from the twinned city and will be able to talk with a person who in that moment is using the sphere in his city.

“The Bridge” could become a portal, a space-time access between two worlds.

Having adopted the name “The Bridge”, completes the meaning of the work.

If I imagine seeing the meeting of the two staircases from a bird’s eye view, in the virtual space of the two projections, we will note that the staircases fit perfectly, this union transforms them into a bridge, that lives in a space other than us, a space created from the artificial to  bring the natural back to life.

In this moment of time, technology has totally changed the man / nature relationship, opening the doors to new conceptions of “SELF”. A “self” that can live in more places at the same time, a “self” that loses its private space to manifest itself in a virtual space made of infinite binary codes.

“The Bridge” wants to use technology in its daily manifestation, wants to use media techniques that we use daily searching a new purpose in them.

This video is a small presentation, have virtually been put together two quarters of Naples Nature with two opposing socio-economic


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