Genuflessione 2018/19

Scultura – 9mx20cm – marmo porcellana e resina
“Sigilli”– cera lacca, timbri di ottone e legno
“Primo incontro” – Azione ancora in corso- bollettini postali, timbri ad inchiostro

In how many ways has our society learned to kneel? he kneels to pray, he kneels to take time or to kill. The purpose of the “Genuflection” installation is to investigate how, in times and in various cultures, the body had to move to belong to a social structure.


the installation continues by presenting the movements that the body takes, kneeling in religious rituals. These movements are shown on wax lacquer seals and matrix stamps.

“Genuflessione” is completed with the urban action “first meeting” . The action “first meeting” started at the central post office in Naples and opened to friends, writers and people who expressed interest in this topic.

Participants were asked to write a few lines about this gesture, ink stamps were made from these thoughts, . The stamped bulletins have been and will be distributed throughout Italy. The actions of marking, such as postal bulletins or money orders or all those objects related to money, have the intent to promote the gift as an artistic form and to focus on the loss of individuality. A postal bulletin is generally preserved, so even the thoughts and drawings shown on its back will be kept. Those who unwittingly pay with one of these bulletins, will guard an artistic action, becoming an unaware art collector.

First Meeting

Central post office in Naples

100 bulletins reporting the Jewish Genuflection

60 bulletins containing the thoughts of Silvio Morigi

60 Bulletins showing the thoughts of Anita Pepe

60 Bulletins showing the thoughts of Maiorino

Central post office in Cordusio Milano

60 Bulletins showing the thoughts of Giorgio Scarselli