Antonella Raio

Art allows me to focus on the other, illuminating what is normally silent. For me, the use of technology is not an end, but a means which does not surpase the work, but which offers it other possibilities. My intent is to create works that are pretexts to stop the spectator, who on any day, walking in the street or running to work, can come across a small black hole that catapults him elsewhere. I turn viewers’ reactions into audio, video and photos. This material becomes the animated part of my sculptures. Working on the other, I often find myself analyzing issues related to the “Sacred”, which I re-propose as the first forms of the creative. In recent years my artistic research has found in Nature, not only experimental concepts, but also the very material of my works.

2020 Jannotti Pecci collection for The Britannique Naples, Curio Collection by Hilton – 2019 Torino (Igav), collective exhibition “Ritmo Bodoni” Start Castel Saluzzo event – 2019 Benevento, collective exhibition “Came to heve” Museo Arcos – 2018 / Rome, collective exhibition” Fragile Dimension “Vallicelliana Library- 2018 Frosinone collective exhibition” A room all to itself “Aldobrandini Stables –2016 / Cosenza” Bocs arte “Residence for artists – Cosenza – 2016 / Naples – Collective exhibition” double stall “. First floor gallery 2015 / NY- Vermont Studio Centrale Residence for Artist 2014 / Naples – exhibition – “Proclamation” at the Galleria Primopiano Napoli. 2013 / Milan – Flash art event – “Innesti” exhibition. 2013 / Brooklyn “Invitation to Bushwick” shows “Grafts”. 2011 / Berlin – Solo exhibition “Grafts” at the First Floor Gallery in Berlin. 2011 / Naples – “O Si assunti in cielo o precipita” exhibition at the PrimopianoNapoli gallery. 2011 / Naples – Solo exhibition “Innesti” at the Primopiano Napoli gallery. 2011 / China – SHOW “One Minute City” short films at the Guangdog Museum of Art. 2009 / Naples – PAN Palazzo delle Arti in Naples shows short films “Something about Naples. 2009 / Naples” – Maschio Angioino Solo exhibition “Infiniti refletti” , 2007 / Napoli Angoli “At the Annamaria Barbato gallery Personal exhibition”, 2004 / Napoli – Personal exhibition “Water “Church of Saints Bonifacio and Dimetrio 2003 / Naples – Exhibition -” Tamagogues “for Casegna Pompei art 2001/2002 / Naples – Worked He is a photojournalist at the UGF Agency.

PUBBLICAZIONE: Catalogo “infiniti riflessi” edizione “Massa”. Catalogo “Qualcosa Abaut Napoli” edizione Arte’m. Catalogo on-line “Invito a Bushwick”

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