Ascolto” 2020

1,70cm x 1,50 cm
palm leaves, audio speaker, brass, aluminum

“Ascolto” is a performative sculpture divided into two stages.

– first action:

.Collection of palm leaves

Second action:

were interviewed people randomly met on the streets of Naples.
The interview aimed to understand how people’s desires change in relation to the space they live in

” What would you like?”

In order to listen to the audio, the user must approach the central heart of the sculpture, only by approaching can the person really feel the other.

Streets taken as a sample for the search for “Ascolto”:


Via Foria


Via Roma

Quartieri Spagnoli

Pigna Secca

Santa teresa degli Scalzi



Via Manzoni

Via Cilea


(collezione Jannotti Pecci per The Britannique Naples , Curio Collection by Hilton)